Why should i book with you?

Several reasons and here are just a few,

  1. We care equally for each and every customer
  2. Our friendly, hard-working, professional man and van team will take the stress out of your move whether it be a single item to a whole house load of furniture, they are the best and we look after them
  3. We are the largest in London
  4. We have the highest driver retention in the industry

Which areas do you pick up from?

We cover the whole of London and home counties, and we collect from anywhere in the UK and the European Union. We also have branches in 26 major UK cities.

What van will I get?

Our standard van size is a high top long wheelbase Transit type van. We also have the Luton van with tail-lift. Please do not hesitate to call us for advice on the size of van required. Larger vans and 7.5 tonne lorries are available please go to our fleet page for further details.

Do I need to pre-book?

No, whilst pre-booking is advised last minute bookings are also welcome, in most cases we can be with you within the hour. Please bear in mind that during peak hours and Saturdays mornings it may take longer to reach you.

Do I have to book for set period of time?

No, after our minimum booking time of 90 minutes we charge in 15 minute segments and you can keep the van as long as you like!

How do I pay?

You can pay at time of booking by credit or debit card. Cash payments are subject to a handling charge (see rates), card payments are cheaper. The driver will issue a receipt if required. Our clients find it easier to deal with financial matters over the phone with us instead of dealing directly with the driver. If the job runs over then you must pay the driver the cash at the chargeable rate in 15 minute segments.

Do you charge for coming to me?

No, we only start charging from the scheduled time of booking or commencement of the move whichever is soonest, until completion of job. Our vans are all GPS tracked and linked via our dispatching software.

Where are you based?

Our despatch and call centre are located in West London and our Management suite is in London EC1. However our fleet of vans are all over London and the Home Counties so finding one quickly for you will, in most cases, not be a problem.

Is VAT included in the price?

We don’t charge VAT to consumers, corporate account clients will be charged VAT.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, we always charge what we quote based on the information you have supplied. Please see our terms and conditions for additional information.

Can I travel in the van?

Yes, 2 people can travel in the van free of charge in our long wheeled based vehicles, Luton vans come with 2 men so there is only 1 seat available.

We do not allow anyone to travel in the rear of the van. Please let us know at time of booking if you require 2 seats.

Please be aware that you travel at your own risk and that the vehicles are not hire and reward and therefore not insured as such.

Do you operate a two hour minimum?

No, we have a 90 minute Turbo Move rate that you can book only over the phone. The minimum period for online bookings is 2 hours.

Will you be on time and what happens if you are late?

We have a 92% on-time record, like ALL transport services we are occasionally subject to delays outside of our control, these include clients who underestimate the time it would take to move, peak hour traffic problems, vehicle breakdowns and weather conditions where clients don’t want their items exposed to the elements. As a transport sector comparison Ryanair have the highest on-time record of all of the European airlines at just 90%, we need not mention Taxi’s, trains and coach companies.We try our best to manage our clients expectations but delays outside of our control may occur in which case we shall call to let you know in advance. We do not refund any part of a journey if the vehicle is late.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, please refer to our terms and conditions but in brief if the vehicle has not been despatched then we will issue a full refund.

How do i book you?

Please call our contact centre using the number at the top of the screen or click the Book Online link above.

What happens if i am unhappy or have a complaint?

We treat any complaint very seriously and will investigate it fully. All we ask for is for you to contact us by e-mail before you consider giving us any negative feedback. We are proud of our good reputation and will work very hard to resolve any dispute or complaint.

What if my job overruns the time that i have booked?

Absolutely fine if this happens and we would never leave you in the lurch so no problems at all. We will bill in 15 minute segments.

We strive to deliver our clients a cost efficient and professional service. Unlike our competitors we do not perform on-site inspections with a price tag to suit, we are guided by the information we are given by you. Also unlike our competitors we would never advise a 4 hour duration service if we thought that it could be done in or around 3 hours. We operate a 15 minute overrun tariff to save our clients from being overcharged. However as you can understand we must optimise our fleet to deliver an on-time service to our clients as well as maximizing the revenue per van with small margins. We buffer in a 15 minute overrun to every booking but when this is exceeded it has a disastrous effect on the next client’s booking, this can lead to late arrivals, brand damage and loss of revenue should they cancel or demand a refund.

To cover our costs with the extra effort that is required by our despatch and customer services teams managing the next client’s expectations as well as paying a premium to an alternative driver who will have much more dead-mileage, or sub-contractor, that we have to compensate for. Our overrun tariff is structured primarily to save you, money but also to cover our costs. As an example, and this happens almost daily, a client will book a 1hr move and pay the minimum amount and we despatch the van which is scheduled to complete 5 moves that day, the driver arrives at the 1hr move and it is actually a 3 bedroom house move and the driver informs us it will take 6 hours, the business now has to manage the other 4 bookings that the van was scheduled to do, this can involve subcontracting the jobs to another operator making a loss on each of the 4 jobs we have had to give out.